I have a problem that I cannot resolve. I keep on getting two folders appearing in my global inbox.
-The folders are called HOME and TOGETHER.I have these folders elsewhere on my computer (and in time machine) and they have files in however when they appear in my global inbox they are empty (but retain a few empty directories).
-This occurs quite a lot so by the end of the day I can have 3-4 of each in my global inbox and I am having to repeatedly delete them but they keep on reappearing!
-I dont think it is related to syncing with DTTG which I do with my iphone and ipad

Any ideas?

This occurs at times. The advice in this thread, in particular Bill DeVille’s procedure, normally clears it up.


This doesn’t work. Every time I start Devonthink I get 2 sets of these empty folders.??

Any other suggestions.