"Follow-Link" keyboard shortcut


I’m new, so don’t hassle me if I’m asking something stupid :wink:
I search for a keyboard shortcut to follow a link in an rtf-style document in DEVONThink Pro
(like it is done in VoodooPad by typing Apple-L)…

possible Scenario:

wikiLink is a wikistyle link

by move the (non-mouse-)cursor on it, and press Apple-l (lowercase “L”) follows the link to the linked page.
Is it possible to achieve this kind of functionality?

thanx in advance

Keyboard shortcuts are getting to be in short supply. DT Pro has many more commands than does VoodooPad. Apple-L is already used for creating replicates. :slight_smile:

I guess I’m confused. Don’t WikiLinks in DevonThink appear as clickable, blue, underlined links, so you can just click on them to follow them? Why would you need a keyboard shortcut?

This means that I than may arbitrarily define keyboard shortcuts for all functions?
Would be nice, since I’m not the “micer” at all…

thanx and happy coding

Peharps Menu master or Butler can help you? (check on macupdate.com)
With them, you can assign or change Keyboards Shortcuts for many (if not any) action.

I’m not a fan of keyboards shorcuts (I don’t always remember which does what). In my opinion, small panels are easier to use, but this is a matter of taste.


My problem is, that there isn’t a menu entry for “follow link at cursor” which I could assign a shortcut to…
So this won’t help me… but thanx anyway

13yrs later, I have the same question as the person who first posted this:

Is it possible to set a keyboard shortcut to follow Wiki-Links on DEVONthink Pro?

I tried messing around with Keyboard Maestro and BetterTouchTool, but to no avail.

Welcome, @Bernardo_V.
No it is not possible to follow WikiLinks via a keyboard shortcut.

Thanks for the welcoming, @BLUEFROG.
Ok, that is good to know. Any chance it could be in the next release? It makes life easier for those using DEVONthink as a personal Wiki.

Likely not in the next release, but perhaps in the next major version. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Yes, of course, that is what I meant. Sorry for any misunderstanding. In the overall scheme of thing this is of minor importance.

No worries! It’s all good. :slight_smile:

Sorry to bother again, @BLUEFROG. Just curious if this is now possible in DT3. :slight_smile:

This isn’t possible yet.

Ok, thanks again, @cgrunenberg!

Resurrecting this post a year later to check if the “follow link” functionality is planned.

Having this feature could be useful when you have lots of document annotations. Please consider implementating it. Thanks!

Two and a half years on, any chance of having this functionality (opening WikiLinks via a keyboard shortcut?)

I suppose that you’d have to somehow select the link to open. If using the mouse, why not simply click on the link? If not with the mouse, how do you choose which link to open?

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I would like to be able to open the link that’s under the text cursor. It would only need to be a menu item that I could assign my own shortcut to with Keyboard Maestro. It would minimize moving back and forth from keyboard to mouse.
I got close to making this myself with Better Touch Tools, since it can open any context menu item with a keyboard shortcut, but the context menu pops up wherever the mouse cursor is, not the text cursor.
This is only a matter of convenience for me, but it’s also an accessibility feature for many so I hope it’s added at some point.