Follow Links Levels Greyed Out

In the YouTube ‘Tutorial All about DEVONagent Pro search sets’ ,
at 3m35s, the demo shows ‘Follow Links: All’ with selectable Levels. When I follow along in DEVONagent, all of the Follow Links choices show the Level indicator greyed out.

The DEVONagent manual on p33 doesn’t mention the greyed out case. The behavior is the same whether Sites/Mode is Search or Crawl.

Please point me to what I missed.

Am running DEVONagemt Pro 3.11.8 with macOS 14.5

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A screenshot would be useful.

Of course. Link Levels are part of my use case. Am also building confidence in the tool.

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That’s a visual artifact of the control. As you can see the stepper buttons are enabled. Did you try clicking them?

I’m having this same problem, and the program won’t return any results for any search.

The text field is always disabled, the level can be only adjusted via the steppers.

Yes I did try clicking the stepper buttons and they worked. That was in part why I was puzzled by the greyed out count. I had not seen that visual artifact before.