Following a sync, a folder and its files have disappeared.

I have been syncing a datbase bwteen two computers using Bittorrent sync for a long time now and it works well, but today I have a major issue.

So on each computer I have a local sync store setup. The sync store is in a folder I sync between two computers using Bittorrent sync. So I am not syncing the main DB just the syncstore.

I did a sync earlier, and a very important folder has disappeared. I am writing an Operations Manual for my business. Its disappeared in the source computer I created it on, and the target. Its not in trash. I am panicing!

Does anyone know what could have happened to this? I have not deleted it. Is it still somewhere I can recover it from?


I’ve done a Verify and Repair on the database and it has not come back. There was 1 orphaned file, but thats an unrelated file.

All the documents, and other ones from other folders in my DB, are all in my Mac Trash. If I restore them, then do a Verify and Repair, they all go into Orphaned Files, and I lose the folder hierarchy where they were.

This is extremely worrying. Can I trust Devonthink with important documents?

You might want to open a support request on this.

Synchronizing a local sync store with another software or storing a local sync store in a cloud folder (iCloud Drive, Dropbox) isn’t supported or recommended, only synchronous devices/volumes (discs, USB sticks, local network etc.) are recommended.