Font and Color of Item Title

I’m trying to think of clever ways to mark items more visually in a list (usually three pane view). I thought I’d write some scripts that would change the font type and the font color of the items based upon what I wanted to say about them.

Unfortunately I’m having surprisingly difficult time writing code to do this.*
Perhaps someone could explain to me how this is done?

Tom S.

*Indeed, I haven’t even been able to figure out a way to get the application to do it manually. Simple selecting the item and changing the font by choosing one in the dialog doesn’t seem to do it. Perhaps there’s an “Apply” button or something I’m missing.

The only font settings for List and Column views is in Preferences > General > List Views Font, and Column View Font. There can be one font setting at a time for each view type. Individual records cannot have font settings. The only controllable way to distinguish records (other than the general font setting) is labels.

Thanks, Korm. Not to hijack my own thread but it occurs to me that I could also use the item’s icon. The problem that I have is that the only way I know of to do that is to drag the new icon into the item’s info window. Can this be scripted?

Tom S.

It’s scriptable, you can set the “thumbnail” property. E.g. to the POSIX path of an icon file.

Hmmmm. Having some trouble here. I’m sure its a dumb mistake on my part.

This code runs without an error. But the icon/thumbnail isn’t changed:

tell application id "com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2"	
	set theSelection to the selection
	repeat with theRecord in theSelection
		set icon to "/Users/tshanno/Dropbox/DevonThink Database/icons/task_completed.png" as string
		set thumbnail of theRecord to icon
	end repeat
end tell

Tom S.

Your script works fine over here (after changing the path) and the icon is applied to the selection. Maybe it’s a caching issue of the UI… which view do you use and what kind of items were selected?