Font in Full Screen

I love full screen mode.

But using an RTF in fs mode only replicates the formatting of the RTF. And in order to get a nice, large slight orange font on black background, all my text files look bright orange foreground with a bright red background when setting the options in editing prefs.

How can I get RTF to look a specific way in full screen mode?


Either texts are rich and formatted and therefore have to be displayed using their original layout in full screen mode or texts are plain and unformatted and therefore can be displayed using specific fonts, sizes and colors. You can’t have both.

Why not? The main reason for using full screen mode is to get rid of distractions, but, to my mind, the second reason is to give my eyes some rest. Bright white --unnaturally white-- background in full screen gets tiring after a while. Usually, one chooses full screen for a long session of writing; and, as it stands, DevonThink is counterproductive.

Why not letting the user choose: 1. Background color, 2. Font color, and 3. Selection color, while keeping the RTF formatting intact?

Scrivener, for example, implements full screen mode this way, and it works very well.

Changing the colors in full screen mode of rich text documents should be possible (contrary to changing the font) but I can’t promise it v1.1 which is almost complete and holidays are approaching fast :wink:

Since the last post in this thread, eight months have gone by. In these eight months 1.1 has been shipped, and even 1.2. But it’s still not possible to change the colors of rich text documents in full screen mode. Is this something we can expect in the near future, or does this have a low priority for the DT team?

And as far as I can see, it isn’t possible either to change background colour and text colour in ‘normal’ mode. I guess this option too would be welcomed by many.

I’m one of them! For whatever reason, I’m deeply addicted to R230 G230 B230 as a background color for my text documents. It just takes the edge off. :slight_smile:

And the bug in full screen font colour ( … ull+screen) is still there in 1.2.

Christian is aware of your comments. One of these days, perhaps… :slight_smile:

Christian is taking a well-deserved holiday at the moment, his first in years.

Most development time is focussed on design and coding for upcoming releases of the DEVONthink family. I think you will be amazed by increases in power and expanded features over coming months.

The current full-screen mode and the display option of plain text font/background color was a response to several user requests a long time ago. It works as originally set up, but obviously can’t be tweaked very much. :slight_smile:

Full-screen mode for rich text currently works only in a “paper appearance” mode, black (usually) on white. As Christian noted, it would be possible to allow choices of font and background color.

The text editing features in DT Pro use Apple’s Cocoa text, and any departures from that require development time. And that then raises the issue of development resource priorities.

The number of users who like full-screen mode is relatively limited. And of those, some prefer the “paper” appearance. So it’s difficult to assign a high priority to alternate presentation of rich text just for full-screen fans.

But we are looking at a number of UI issues.

Perhaps it would be useful to provide an alternative view mode for rich text writing, reading and editing in any text view, whether full-screen or “regular”. Some people find that, for example, white font against a blue background results in less eye strain than black on white.

There are applications that provide such an alternative view of documents. Some of them provide only one alternative view, such as white font on a blue background. Some provide for user settings of font and background color (some of which make me shudder).

Such an alternative view of documents should not affect the original document’s font and background colors, which should remain “black on white” paper for interoperability with other applications and uses.

Although I haven’t discussed this with Eric or Christian, I think the likelihood of a higher priority of an alternative view as a part of the UI would have a higher priority if it were not restricted to full-screen view.

Personally, as an aged relic of the era of typewriters, I’ll probably stay with the the paper view. :slight_smile:


You can change the zoom level with the shortcut control-command-up and down. That works for the moment.