Font size for PDF Annotations

I’m just staring out with PDF annotations and having a hard time with fonts:

How can I change the font (size) of an annotation? I tried the macOS font panel, but somehow that did change the size of my annotation…

Also, “Remove Fill Color” doesn’t seem to work (as you can see in the screenshot: My annotation has a fill color, but the Remove Fill Color button is greyed out).

Any pointers are really appreciated. (I feel a bit dumb asking these UI questions, but I just couldn’t figure it out…)

That’s correct, the height is automatically calculated depending on the entered text and the used font. Only the width can be changed manually.

That’s just the background color of a selected annotation.

Thanks for chiming in!

So the size of annotation text is fixed to some internal default? It cannot be set at all?

So, how can I generate a “floating” annotation like I can in Preview (no background color, no border, only the text inself)?

You can change the font (and therefore the size) via the Fonts panel.

Just set the border width to 0 too, the text doesn’t have a background color according to your screenshot.

None of this worked for me before:

Changing font size or font family through the panel didn’t do anything to the size, but I will try again.

And regarding the background: the annotation in the screenshot has a background color: It is not white-ish like the page background but blue-ish,

Sure, it’s selected. See my former reply.

Ok, will try to deselect it; than it should become transparent.

Or just select Tools > Mode > Text Selection again.