Font size for results list in search window

After updating to Devonthink 2.9.9 the font in list view of the search window is the same as in list view of the db-window. I generally eppreciate this change. HOWEVER, font SIZE is not the same as set in prefs. I have “Avenir Next Condensed 17 pt” set as font for list view, but in the search window, the font ist WAY TOO SMALL to be readable on an iMac 72" screen non-retina…

Or am I missing something?

Where are you seeing this?

The size of the search font is still static.

that’s bad to hear … try setting list view font to “Avenir Next Condensed Regular 16 pt” in prefs and nnow look at the search results window … way too small … it would be great if size could be adjusted …

i fiddled around with different font settings … no way to make search results more readable …

the font size in search results list is WAY TOO SMALL on a 27" imac screen non-retina … barely readable …

devonthink’s search capabilities are great, but i can’t read the output … sorry, but this has to be fixed!

Just reset the List font to the system font by pressing the Alt modifier key and clicking on the Reset button in Preferences > General and the display should be identical to former releases.

I don’t know if the problem of the font size in search result window was solved… but I’ve the same problem and resetting the list view and column view font in Preferences>General not solve this.

I’m in Three Panes view and see my notes in the correct font and size (that selected in Preferences>General), but if I type a search the result that I get are in the same font but of a very small size… any suggested solution?


sorry to say, but dtpo doesn’t care about accessibility here … hopedully they will consider adding an option here, if enough users complain … but for now, text size in search rwsults window is static … and way too small …

That is quite untrue. Just because something isn’t implemented doesn’t mean it’s not a concern or consideration. We have a great many things on our plates and have to prioritize to make good use of our resources.

I just wanted to chime in here that I have the same issue: the font size in the list in search results is too small, and there seems to be no way to increase it. It would be useful to be able to adjust the font size in the search window.