Font size pref for Sheets

I realize that we’ll have to wait quite a while for Rich Text in sheets/forms, but in the meantime, would it be possible to have a preference that sets the font/size for sheets? Or perhaps to make the Pref/Editing/PlainTextFont selection apply to sheets as well?

It’s quite small at the moment and those of us with aging eyes :unamused: would be grateful.


At the moment I can’t promise this at all - the usage scenarios are quite different, e.g. one user trying to import a 96 MB .csv sheet containing 4.9 million records. Now imagine how much memory DT Pro would need for such a sheet (and how huge the database would be) if the cells could be formatted like rich text :wink:

Such a preference will probably be available in one of the 1.0.x maintenance releases.

I see your point re. the rich text - oh well.

My eyes thank you and look forward to it.

resizable columns for comment, created, modified,etc… would also be fine. (Could use bigger fonts in the main window)