font size suddenly shrank!

I have no idea how this happened. I had been looking through the prefs for something but didn’t change any DTPO pref.

Returning back to reading RSS feeds I found that the font in the article had suddenly shrunk down really small:
Devon too small.png
I rebooted into my backup volume (last backed up last night) and launched DTPO and selected an article to read in my RSS feeds. It showed up at the normal font size:Devon backup.png
Tiptoeing through the DTPO prefs showed nothing that would help reverse this situation. Here are the various plists associated with DTPO from the backup volume:Devon BU prefs.png
Which one should I copy into my regular volume’s preferences to fix this oddity?


Have you tried looking at View>Actual Size? Earlier, I had a problem with my font size being too big.


Good Luck.

Karen, thanks for the suggestion. Actually there seems to be something strange going on with the View>Actual Size parameter.

I looked at it and it was indeed checked. When I unchecked it, the size didn’t change. I selected another article and the check mark reappeared for that article. I went back to the original article and the check mark had again appeared. Apparently the check mark for View>Actual Size is sticky and can’t be changed (at least for me).

I hate to keep rebooting to cross-check things between my normal hard drive and my backup drive but I’ll have to until this gets resolved.

Answering my own question: Replacing the current “com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2.plist” with an older one from my backup drive did the trick.

I have no idea how whatever it was got changed but now we’re back to happy dayz again.

You could have saved both plists as text then diff’d them to maybe spot the change that mattered.

Yeah, if I knew how or what to look for I could’ve.

I still have both defective and working so if you can contact me with further instructions, I’d be happy to delve into it.

Will do in a bit, via PM.