Font used in app?

I was looking at the screenshots provided in the App Store. And it doesn’t look like DEVONthink To Go uses the system fonts like DEVONthink does on the Mac. It looks like at geometric sans like maybe Avenir.

What font or fonts are used? :upside_down_face:

Indeed, it uses Avenir :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the clarification. Wish they would just stick to the system defaults.:smiley:

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You don’t like our font choice?

Identifying them.

PS I relish the clarity & tidiness of the font used in DTTG - but that’s just me, of course.


I like the look of Avenir too, though I lean toward the condensed version due to my artistic leanings :slight_smile:
And yes, Condensed is artsy but not great for UI :smiley:

Ha ha, this sounds like…

If you say ‘no’, next DTTG version will have some special malfunctioning code starting with:

if("goqoez"==userName) MakeBigDisaster();



Glad you asked! It’s not my cup of tea for styling UI elements that include text.

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