FontAwesome and HTML in Markdown files

Inside my .md files I’ve used HTML with FontAwesome to add symbols to my markdown. But with one of the recent updates it’s stopped working in DT.
When I look at the exact same markdown file in Marked 3, the HTML renders fine with the symbols. Did something change that has stopped this from happening? Could it be the change to CriticMarkup?

Please provide more information, like screencaps or the Markdown source you’re working with.

This is the source:

This is the render in DT:

This is how it renders in Marked 3, and how it used to render in DT prior to recent updates.

Posting code as a screenshot makes it extra hard for anybody else to try out what you did. Please post code as such, including it in three back quotes like so
your code goes here
If I create a new markdown file in DT with minimal content like so

<script src=""></script>

<span style="font-size: 3em; color: Tomato;">
  <i class="fas fa-camera"></i>

DT shows the camera icon like so
Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-17 um 13.56.37
So it seems that DT is perfectly capable to use Fontawesome in an MD file.
Your setup begs the question why you’re using Markdown anyway: Wouldn’t pure HTML be better suited for this kind of representation-oriented document? Escpecially if you use interactive elments like button.
Which does, BTW, not conform to HTML specifications in the way you use it here: an a element must not contain interactive elements like button (check your code here: Free Online HTML Validator - Regardless of formalities, what would you even expect a button to do when clicked inside an a element?
Furthermore, you close the first a element before you close the button element, making the HTML not even well-formed. I think you’re lucky that DT didn’t go up in flames :wink:

Invalid HTML can be rendered any which way. So if DT or any other tools shows the icons or not is in this case irrelevant.