Forced unwanted ad

It was only “forced” because there was a problem on your computer, which it alerted you to so you could fix it before the app ceased to work.

(I assume you mean “the ad disappeared” not “the app disappeared”.)

So you did have a way of making it go away.

Sounds like much ado about nothing.


Merely entering the license information again will alleviate this.

Not at all, it was a problem with your handling of these sort of things, not my computer, that too easy an explanation. Who are you to make such a gratuitous peremptory affirmation ?
Anyway, that the end of it.

Seeing as @TJLuoma is a friendly user of this forum and - I assume - not an administrator of your Mac, I find that rather unlikely. But what a wonderful world we all live in - despite your being, in my opinion, thoroughly unpleasant in your utterings, you have received help from 2 members of the DEVONtech team, one member of the forum, and an additional explanation from another. And every one of those people will be pleased to have been able to assist you. Enjoy your day.


Christian- Also happened to me yesterday - I’m also on using Catalina 10.15.7, except on a MacBook Pro. (In case that’s helpful to know… but not a big deal to reenter my license #.)

Thanks! And yes, just re-entering the license should be sufficient to fix this issue.

Just a guy on the Internet with the ability to understand how things actually work, instead of being determined to imagine that the world is plotting against you personally at every turn.

Regardless, I’m glad you were able to fix the issue and hope that it does not reoccur.


I also got a surprise when my MacBook apparently “forgot” the registration of DT. Not sure what triggered it. I’m on Big Sur, MBP 13" which is about three years old. It happened yesterday, but doesn’t seem to have happened on my iMac (so far). But my iMac has been running continually for a couple of days while my MBP had been shut down and booted up again.

We did some house cleaning a few days ago in the backend which might have caused some devices being detached from their license that shouldn’t have. Please accept my apologies for the inconveniences.


Thanks for that: reassuring that I did nothing stupid my end! :grin:



Great to know. I had the same issue. I had to add my registration again to get it fixed.

I don’t know how widespread this issue is, but I’m seeing the same message.

(Well, mine says “22 days left.”)

I typed in my name and pasted in my registration code, and all is well.

See the post above…

Add me to the parade of people seeing this notification. I reactivated without problem. Running Big Sur on a 2019 MacBookPro 16"


Exactly the same here. I had to reenter my registration. Strange that it vanished suddenly.

See the post above…

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So did I. As I did nothing special the days before except restarting my computer, I was perplexed to see this reminder. I re-entered my licence code and all was good.

Happened on 2 of my 3 seats. No idea why one “escaped.” Have fun with all the tech support questions in about a month :slight_smile:

Welcome @BermudaAl

What’s happening in a month?

All those licenses out there will expire. Both mine said something in the range of 25-30 days. If I hadn’t read this forum and reset them, I would have had no idea why I was suddenly not registered…