Forcing to dark mode?

Hi there,

Is it possible to switch DTP to dark mode even if OSX is set to light mode (as you can do in OmniFocus for instance)?

Thanks for your help!

No, this is not possible with any built-in mechanism. DEVONthink honors the system setting.

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Hi Bluefrog. I noticed in another thread that you said, or hinted, that forthcoming might be the ability to turn dark mode on or off in the DT settings independently of the system setting. Is that possible yet? I like dark mode generally, but for some apps, DT being one of them, my old eyes have a hard time sorting through all the items/columns/info in the window. Being able to turn off dark mode independent of the finder would be awesome. --Bob

Turning it off for the entire application isn’t supported. Turning off dark mode for documents is controlled by Preferences > General > Appearance > Use dark mode for documents.

Technically, you could use this in Terminal…

defaults write com.devon-technologies.think 3 NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool yes

… but we can’t guarantee there may not be artifacts of some sort.

Thanks. It’s the toolbars, lists in columns, and inspector panel that are making my eyes go buggy. I guess I’ll turn it off for the entire system.

Yeah - Despite the hype, dark mode suffers legibility issues and many people complain of this after using it for extended periods of time. (It’s also culturally foreign as the vast majority of what we read is black text on a white field.)