Formatted note converted to pdf (one page) text too small

From a webpage, I selected the text I wanted. Copied. Then in DevonThink I selected data-new formatted note. Then I pasted the clipboard contents by command-v.

Then I selected all the text, chose the “increase font size” from the editing bar. Increased until I was satisfied.

Then convert to PDF (one page). The resultant PDF was very small font, and thus virtually unreadable without zooming in (which makes the zoom unusable since the pdf is does not adjust based on the viewer screen.

Question: How can I control the font size of the coverted PDF, from within DevonThink?

-NOTE: I stripped out any variable fonts, links, etc by pasting the text into a plain text document, then I copied the results and then pasted into a new formatted note. Then I chose all that text, and again I then selected all the text, chose the “increase font size” from the editing bar until I was satisfied. I converted this file to PDF (one page) and the font was still very small.

Here is the text I copied then pasted (first I pasted all this into a new plain text DevonThink document, then selected all the text, and pasted here in this forum post):

Avoiding EAT

Probate is a service provided by the Superior Court to assist in the administration of estates after a person with a will dies. Court officials examine the documents and provide the applicants with a certificate stating that there was a technically valid will and that the applicants are entitled to be the executors pursuant to that will.

Probate is only a limited technical review of the will. It does not validate the will in a more fundamental sense. For example, it cannot prevent a lawsuit, such as by a person excluded from the will who challenges the mental competence of the testator, or a dependant of the deceased who has not received adequate support under the will.

The term probate is also used loosely for situations where a person died intestate (without a will). In that case, the court grants a right of administration to the appropriate applicant, based on the laws of intestacy under the Succession Law Reform Act.

Probate is not always required where there is a will
One important thing to remember is that probate is not always necessary. It depends on what was in the estate. At common law, the will by itself gives the executors the direct legal right to deal with the property that belonged to the deceased person: “The executor obtains authority, not from the probate, but from the will.” (Granovsky Estate v. Ontario, para. 17). There is no legal obligation to obtain probate.

Probate is not the source of the executor’s authority, but only serves as certified evidence of it. Some custodians of money, such as banks, will usually not give access to that money without the evidence of probate. However, this is a matter for their discretion, not a legal requirement. Banks will often exercise their discretion to release some money without probate, such as to pay for funeral expenses.

Below: the output I want, after conversion to pdf (note, the screenshot is the text still in formatted note format)

Below: the output I got, after conversion to pdf

Contrary to formatted notes or rich text the PDF document is not wrapped to the window width but might be zoomed. Especially in case of very long single-page PDF documents the font might appear small depending on the used view settings but should be the same one actually (see Preferences > Files > Multimedia).