Formatted note text size in DTTG 3.5.5

Within the past year all of my formatted notes created in DT 3.8.5 appear with very large text in the iPhone (12 Pro) DTTG version. Plain text appears fine. There is no way to reduce the size of the mobile device note without changing the formatting.

Currently, formatted notes have no options to change their text size but just take whatever font size is embedded into the code. @aedwards might have thoughts on this?

I’m not sure what you mean. If I know the font size used in DT (13 pt.) how does that help me in DTTG?

I mean the font size is what you made it when you created or edited the formatted note. If the font now appears too large it might be a display bug in DTTG. Other document formats such as Markdown have a font size override in their view options.

It is most likely that a scaling factor has been incorrectly applied to the font on loading,

@WnFig, could you maybe provide us with the document in question that appears with a too large font on the iPhone? So we’d be on the same page, figuratively speaking.

Okay so I fiddled with another doc by using different fonts. It seems that my default font, Kohinoor Devenagari is displaying too large on DTTG. Interestingly though, when I added a different font at the top of the document, part of the Kohinoor text displayed properly and the second paragraph did not.

(screen shot of DTTG on iPhone)

(screen shot of actual HTML file displaying everything correctly).

Please feel free to send @aedwards a copy of the document so we can play with it here and try out things.