Formatting problems importing MS word docs

With some files (but not all) that I have imported into DevonThink Pro from MS Word (entire file as well as dragging and dropping a selection of text), I’m having the problem of not being able to change the formatting of the text (such as italicize or bold) once the text is in the DevonThink database. A related problem is that I lose the formatting when the file arrives in the database. Has any one else had a similar problem?

Comments about MS Word files.

[1] Word .doc files are at this time the only file type that does not get copied into the database when the Import mode is used. Instead, an RTF version of the text is imported and the original file remains externally linked.

[2] If one has used the Import mode to capture a .doc file and then wishes to edit the original file, cautions are in order. Use Launch File to open the original file under MS Word. After editing the file, use Save As (perhaps not necessary, but I like an excess of caution) to save the modified document. Note that the changes are NOT sent to the DT Pro database to replace the existing version. Instead, the original file should be reimported into DT Pro. Then there will be two versions in the database.

[3] If one has used the Import mode to capture a .doc file, one can edit the rich text within the DT Pro database. Please note that resulting changes are NOT made to the original, external Word file.

[4] If one has used the Index mode to capture a .doc file, one cannot edit the text represented in the database display. Changes can only be made to the original document, e.g., use Launch Path to open the document under its parent application, then modify and save it. The next time the document is selected in the DT Pro database the edit changes WILL be reflected in the DT Pro document display. (GENERAL: these comments are true of all documents of all file types captured using the Index mode. If you delete the external file or break the file Path, database information will be lost.)

rgroves, it sounds as though you are using two different methods of capturing Word files to your database.

If you use File > Index (or the equivalent, Option-Command-Draq & drop) you are using the Index mode and will not be able to change the text content displayed in your database, except by using Launch Path and making changes in the original Word document. Those changes will subsequently be made to your database content. If you delete the external Word file you will lose database content.

If you drag and drop a Word file into your database you are using the Import mode. You can change the displayed text, but such changes will not be made to the original, externally linked .doc file.

Microsoft is using a proprietary format for MS Word documents. In neither capture mode should you expect an exact correspondence of the text format, etc. between DT Pro’s RTF and the original Word file. What’s really important is that DT Pro has captured the text content of the Word file for searching and analysis.