Forum changing words of post

M y a s s u m p t i o n

``` (without spaces) is being shown as "I disagree". It seems not to be translated in code tags. It seems to be stored correctly in the database, since when I edit a post, I get the original words back.

Here is a test:

My assumption is that the rendering is wrong.

Oops, I was wrong, it is being translated in code tags.

Huh? They both look the same to me!

^^ This!


Corrected my post… It was being translated in code tags! Argh!

Let me try another way…

If you type “my” “assumption” without the quotes, you get “my assumption”

I suppose the only way to test it is to try it! I presume you me when you type M y a s s u m p t i o n it should on posting come out as “I disagree”? Well here goes and lets see!

Okay, that looked all right but I did copy paste it, so here is me typing it: Myassumption.

Coming out okay I think!

Well, at least “I disagree” is closer to making sense than the usual bad-words-filter substitute on this forum: ‘thingy’

Allsop, you do need a space between my and assumption. It’s hard to represent it when it gets translated. :slight_smile:

My assumption


Well there you go, how weird

This is very, very, very weird indeed:

“my” “assumption” typed without quotes will be “my assumption”!!! (Even the preview shows it!)

Any one an idea, why? Must be something from the underlying forum software: A language bug? A joke? A hidden message? I’m curious!

My assumption is that this is a bug.

Well I’ll be… would you look at that! How strange, and humorous.

It seems as if the default list of replacements for avoidable wordings is not always what you’d expect :slight_smile:

Now “my assumption” should work as expected.

BTW: The word censoring rule was my ass → I disagree :wink:

Aha, that explains it. Thanks for the info.