Forum features not working: mark read, view unread/new

Not sure if it’s my Safari settings or what, but marking the forums read does nothing. Do that and then click view new or view unread and everything’s showing.

Would be nice to have these filters in place to follow what’s news, etc.


I’m having a similar problem. There was a period a few months ago where it seemed to be working. Hitting “Mark Forums Read” left few unread articles. The next day, I’d find ~30 or so articles unread, which seemed about right.

Then it lapsed back to what I am currently experiencing. No evident effect in the short term of hitting “Mark Forums Read”. Finding ~170 unread articles the next day, which seems unreasonably high.

Hope the moderators can help, as I love the boards and learn a lot from them, but not amidst a flood.

Did this really work before? It seems the link itself is non-functional and we haven’t changed anything in the templates since we moved to our current website design.

I will have a look at this issue. Thanks for notifying us!

I’ve just checked and the option seems to work again. Maybe a Safari beta glitch? Could you please try as well and confirm or let me know where you’ve found the link dysfunctional? Thanks.