Forum forgetting logins

Over here, this forum is ignoring the ‘remember login info’ setting between sessions (and sometimes between pages in the same session). I’ve seen this in the past few days - using several different browser versions (including DTPO), on several machines. 10.6.8 and iOS 4.2.10.

Same here. I also noticed that the forum was moved to a subdomain (, where before it was on the www subdomain. Maybe there’s a config for the forum cookies that needs to be updated.

Also notice that the forum has been blacklisted on some AUP appliances (e.g., at the U.S. Federal government) whereas before it was whitelisted. Probably related to the subdomain change, too.

The problem with non-persistent logins should be already resolved; maybe clearing your cookies can help, too.

What do you mean with “blacklisted” at “some AUP appliances”?

Forum login forgetfulness seems to be on the upswing. With 10.7.2, Safari 5.1.1, and iOS5 - not sure which of these is the culprit - or maybe its all of them.

Example (one of many cases): login in to forum from a bookmark in DTPO. Later, go to Safari and login there. Still later, go back to the forum and the login has been forgotten. No big deal, but the forum used to kind of permanently honor the “log me on automatically” setting.

The forum is also sometimes returning an error “no suitable answer found” when clicking “Show New Posts”. :neutral_face: