Forum: iPhone doesn't keep track of read posts

Hi, I’m seeing some weird discourse forum behaviour.

Most often I read on iPhone and the discourse forum software keeps track of what I’ve read, i.e. the next time I click on a thread it takes me to the first unread post. When I switch to reading on mac the first unread post is synced.

But in the last days my iPhone doesn’t keep track anymore, it opens e.g. post 2/22 instead of 18/22. This doesn’t happen on the mac. Already logged in & out and restarted iPhone, but it still happens.

Anyone else seeing this?

Edit: And it seems on the mac there’s no first unread post remembered at all anymore, it just opens a thread’s last post instead of the last unread one.

I have had periods on the forum where I was getting logged out on my iPad only. Hasn’t happened for a while but it was similar to what you described.

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No one else seeing this? Over here it only occurs with the DEVONtech forum, other sites running the discourse software are doing fine.

It actually works ok for me.

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Works here.

I don’t know how Discourse “remembers” your status, but probably has something to do with caching and cookies on your machine. Perhaps reset or something?

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