Forum not working well in Safari PB 4

I’m unable to login to the DT forum from Safari PB 4. The login screen hangs for a while then refreshes back to the forum front page without logging in. (This post was created in Omniweb.)


Anyone else experiencing this? What about the final of Safari 4?

No known forum issues here with Safari 4 final; I never accessed the forum with the beta.

I’ve been using Safari 4 now since the first beta and I have not yet experienced any visual glitches or incompatibilies, I am afraid.

I’m having the same problem with Safari 4 release. In fact I couldn’t even post with Safari 4. I was logged in, hit reply, and was taken to the login page. Once I logged in, I composed a reply, and when I tried to post it, was taken back to the login page. This is consistent with Safari 4…logins don’t stick, and one is never automatically logged in, even when one checks the “remember” box.

I had no issues with Safari 3. Accept all cookies is set in prefs.

I’m using the current version of Safari 4 and have no problems.

Do you perhaps have some Safari add-on(s) installed?

Like Eric I’ve been using Safari 4 since it was publicly available.

I’ve none of these problems with any of the betas or with the released version.

In fact, I’m posting this using S4.

Incidentally, I haven’t experienced any kind of misbehavior on any website where visitors can post comments or fill out forms.

It just works.

People with this problem might want to mention if it’s specific to this forum or also occurs with others.

No add-ons that weren’t installed when I was using Safari 3. These are the plugins that wouldn’t be active with Omniweb, the rest…Speed Download, QuickTime, RealPlayer, etc. would be active in both Omniweb and Safari.

Hulu Desktop Support

Saft wouldn’t be active in Firefox. I have the FF version of Cooliris installed.

I may actually have been having the issue a bit prior to Safari 4. The cause and effect timing is hard to remember since upgrades/installs happen independently of site visits, and it might be some days between a change and a perceived difference in function.

I suspect Hulu Desktop Support, since everything else has been installed for some time. It’s the only plugin that fits, timing wise. It also doesn’t actually work inside a browser…the Hulu Desktop is a stand along app. I’d guess the plugin is used to provide a browser interface behind the scenes.

Let me disable the Hulu Desktop plugin and see if that has any impact.

Disabling the Hulu Desktop plugin didn’t help.

The problem I’m having occurs only on the DEVON forums. Safari 4 works fine on other sites, at least the ones I frequent. Javascript is enabled, and Java is not (because of the security issue in Apple’s Java), but the same situation holds for both Firefox and Omniweb, and they’re working fine.

Presumably that includes successful forum logins.

What I’d do is create a new account (e.g. on Leopard, temporarily enable Guest) and test this forum with Safari 4 under that. Then you’ll know if it’s something specific to your account or a more general problem.

Yes it does.

Still having the login problem with Safari that I reported in June. Running vanilla Safari 4.0.3; no plugins; no customizations. I’m bumping this topic to see if anyone who experienced the same issue discovered a solution. Just unwrapped a new MB Pro and out of the box have the same problem on that machine. BTW there is a lot of chatter on the forums over at phpBB about Safari login failure, but no solution offered there.


Hopefully someone’s trying to systematically determine the cause(s).

Seems obvious :confused: , but the fastest forum-browsing experience is using DTPO 2 – make a bookmark and open the forums in a dedicated browser window. Topics load very fast; much better than Safari, Firefox, or Omniweb.

I’m using Safari 4.0.3 with 10.6.1

Browsing these forums is very slow, posting is near impossible (same experience as others have reported).

The main irritating thing about this is that I’ve had absolutely no problems using or posting to other forums. Or any other glitches of any kind using Safari. So I’m left to conclude there’s some weird Devontechnology by Safari interaction.

And consider this: the reason you may not have heard about this from more Safari users is . . . they can’t post to the darn forum! Most people wouldn’t be as patient, or find workarounds, as the previous posters have. I’m using the browser within DevonThink right now—but how many people would realistically do that. Especially if they were “potential” customers. So I’ve found a workaround of sorts, but can Devontechnologies really afford to lose potential customers by people having bad forum experiences or (potentially) not being able to buy the product due to website weirdness with Safari.

There are other ways to contact DEVONtechnonologies than through this forum. And surely more customers have never used the forum. And I suspect the number of people having trouble posting with Safari is a relatively small minority.

Sometimes I’ll notice delays with posting, previewing, searching, etc. (using Safari) and at worst get temporary errors more frequently with this forum than others. But those are server-related, not browser-specific, issues.

I sympathize, I had problems with the forum Safari 3.x, OSX 10.5.x, and then they stopped before the upgrade to 4.0.2 and 10.6.1 and I’ve had no problems since. Sorry I’m not able to tell you what is different, I don’t post to the forums often enough to know when it started working. The only thing I’m sure that I’m doing differently now is deleting flash cookies on a regular basis, but I doubt that was what fixed the problem. The only suggestion that I have is what you’ve probably already done: delete cookies, clear cache, clear history. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Here’s one of those temporary errors from this morning:

General Error.png
They occur frequently enough that I’ve gotten into the habit of copying my content before previewing/posting to avoid losing it.

Something’s definitely changed in the last few days. I’m no longer having issues with Safari and these forums. Thanks to whomever/wherever… :slight_smile: