Forum posts not indexed on Google

Hi Devonthink

I am learning Devonthink Pro and as such refer to the web (Google) for specific searches.

It seems your forum is not indexed at all.

Is that intentional, i.e. you want people to come to your site and search, or not? Because as a user Google is my friend and helps me find things fast, but I can never find help on Google, I have to come here which takes longer. So in my opinion I think it would help us a lot to be indexed on Google.

Thanks a lot

I guess its intentional as your robots is disallowing the entire forum!

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Please could you fix this (remove the block in your robots) it really is counter productive to prevent searches using Google and come here all the time. Thanks.

Your robots file is still blocking the forum being indexed, could you let us know why or fix it? Its a real pain having to come to the forum and search rather than direct from Google. Thanks!

Digging up an extremely old post here… but I just wanted to offer my feedback that I’d also really love to see this forum allowed to be indexed by Google.

Two reasons…

  1. I am much more proficient in finding what I’m looking for using Google’s search operators and the results are much more relevant for me. This forum has SO MUCH valuable information in it… most of it locked behind a dated forum software (no issues with the forum, just stating that search isn’t always useful).

  2. To reiterate… there is SO MUCH useful information here. While I’ve been using DTPO for a few years, it would be great for newer users to more easily discover the great content here when they are searching about DT on Google. You guys are fortunate to have had really good press over the last year from the likes of Mac Power Users, Macdrifter, MacStories, etc… I imagine that has translated to some sort of spike in new customers for you guys. Making the discussions in this forum easier for new users (and old alike) has no downside that I can see.


While we don’t share all our plans for the forthcoming months, one plan is to move the forum to a more modern software basis. Part of this will include making it indexable by search engines.