Forward slash should be always used with nested tags


I’m new user of DevonThink and I think nested tags could use some (minor) improvements:

  • Please allow using forward slash in all places when using tags to refer to tagging. Unless I’m doing something wrong this seems to be working only when I create a new item and specify a tag. If on the sidebar I create a new tag or rename one, it takes the forward slash literally and I end up with ‘foo/bar’

  • If you look into info bar of an item, nested tags are displayed with their parents. i.e. if item x is under tag a/tag b, in the info bar you see tags: tag a, tag b. If I drag and drop the same item to tag a, this item will be now available both from tag a/tag b and tag a but the info bar will still list tags as tag a, tag b. Either Devonthink should not allow an item to exist in multiple nodes of a single ascendant/descendant tag chain or it should display tags as tag a/tag b in the info bar and not separate them.

Just my 2c.


This is also supported by the tags bar or the tags field in the Info inspector.

Thank you. I’ve missed the tag bar in the UI completely. The feedback stands for the sidebar though :slight_smile: I think allowing forward slash here would also make it easier to move tags to under another parent.