Found form - do you need me to submit a bug report

I found that form you were mentioning. Should I submit a fresh bug report on B3 sync and the loss of tags or do you have enough info to generate or have you generated a bug report.

Finally, is there anything I should be doing other than submitting a bug report through that form. I see this as a very serious bug in B3 sync if that’s even where its at but I’m pretty sure it is and I wouldn’t want to see it fall through the crack.

I think once you get this sync going with Dropbox or iCloud or both and you get the new IOS apps out there (I’m really crossing my fingers they are going to be much better than they currently are and also work with Dropbox) I definitely think you’ll have a leg up on the competition. Much of my software, although it still may sync using wifi, I rarely use that at its just so much more convenient to sync either through Dropbox or iCloud. Most of my IOS software, in recent months I’ve noticed, is providing sync in this fashion and its great.

Yes, please submit the bug report.


Submitted. It would be great to get feedback on this as its not fun working in the dark.

Bill - this is the ticket that was opened as a result of the input. It looks like every other ticket I’ve gotten.

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