FoxTrot Pro vs DEVONthink Pro

I’m trying out a public beta of FoxTrot Professional Search v.2 and have found it won’t show search results for documents I know are in DEVONthink Pro v.1.5.2.

For instance, in DTPro I search for a term and 17 files are found. A Spotlight search shows those 17 files as well as results from SOHO Notes and iCal. However, searching for the same term through Foxtrot reveals files from all those programs except DTPro.

Their Spotlight indices are all in the same folder (~/Library/Cache/Metadata); I have rebuilt the DT database’s Spotlight index as well as that of FoxTrot and the resulsts are the same.

Has anyone else using both programs come across this problem or have any idea how I might solve it?

(OS X 10.4.11)

You might check if one of the following steps will fix the problem:

  • Ensure that DEVONthink Pro is located in the /Applications folder
  • Log out and in again
  • Ensure that Spotlight is enabled (otherwise FoxTrot Pro might not be able to locate DEVONthink Pro’s Spotlight plugin)

It looks like that may have done it.
Thanks! It’s been driving me nuts.