Freeze require restart

For just about one week now, i have been experiencing unexpected freezes which results in my having to quit DT and then relaunch. What would cause this? I have mainly 99% plain text with maybe a couple of small .png images in a couple of documents, but that’s it. When i freezes, the active window starts to loose color and won’t respond, so I quit it, and then relaunch. Upon relaunch it works just fine until it does it again. I notice this mainly when I copy or cut and paste from one DT doc to another.

It’s possible that your computer has simply run out of free RAM memory and everything slows down for some operations.

I don’t know how much RAM you have, or how big the database is, or how large the text files are.

I use a free (donation ware) preference pane named MenuMeters (Google it) that displays the percentage activity of the CPU cores and the amounts of used and free memory in the menu bar. If I see that the CPUs are already heavily loaded and/or that there’s little or no free RAM, I know that things will slow down if I start another process. Remedies may be to quit applications or restart.

If you see flaky behavior, run Tools > Verify to check for any errors in the database. If an error is reported, try running the Verify routine again. If no error is now reported, run Tools > Backup & Optimize. But if an error is reported that can’t be fixed, it may be advisable to run Tools > Restore Backup, and choose the most recent internal Backup folder as shown by the date.

It’s a good idea to run preventive maintenance on your operating system and hard drive directory. From Applications > Disk Utility you can run permissions repair and verify disk. If an error is reported after disk verification, restart while holding down the Shift key to boot into Safe Mode. This boot will take longer, because diagnosis and repair routines are running. When the Finder appears, restart normally.

I also use a third party utility to run a number of maintenance operations. OnyX, for example, can run the cron scripts, clean caches and other operations. I use Ccktail ( = o).

You simply should not be getting freezes or crashes with DT Pro. If the problem persists, please make a copy of the crash log and attach it to an email to Support.

Aye, I’ll try these, thank you for the quick reply.