Fresh install of DTPO on new Mac

I want to install DevonThink Pro Office on a new Mac. I want to do a fresh install, then move my databases from my old Mac to my new one. I assume I should just download the installer from the DevonTechnologies website, but what files do I need to move to my new Mac and where should they go?



From the old machine, copy the ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2 folder to the same relative location on the new machine…

Also, do a Spotlight search on the old machine for kind:database dtBase2.
Copy these files to the new machine, ideally putting them in a folder in your home directory, like ~/Databases. Double-click them to open them in DEVONthink.

(This assumes you are importing files into your databases, not indexing them. If you are indexing files, you will need to locate and move them to the new machine.)

A belated thanks for the response. I’ve finally ordered my new Mac, and will soon be putting your advice into action!


You’re welcome. Have fun!