From PC to Mac, Paperport to DevonThink

While my family is making the transition from Windows based machines to Macintosh, we currently have the following network connected to a cable modem.

(1) iMac
(1) MacBook Pro
(1) Windows Desktop
(1) Windows (Home Automation) “Server”
(3) Windows Laptops
(1) Linksys NAS

While I do have Parallels running on my MacBook Pro and therefore the ability to continue using PaperPort 12.0, I have wanted to use DevonThink for years and now have the ability to do that.

I currently have our documents stored in 69 directories with many more sub-directories and I am not even going to guess how many files. These are on my Linksys NAS in a RAID 1 configuration.

I will be using a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M for Mac for my scanning needs.

Before I make this leap, I need to figure out how I am going to configure the system. How does DevonThink Office Pro operate in a client / server or network based system?

Does this all work with the built in web server?
Can I set up DevonThink Office Pro on the iMac, storing the database on the NAS, and accessing the data through the web server?
Can that database be moved to a new NAS when I upgrade to one which supports AFP / Bonjour?

The reason I would need to put the DevonThink on the iMac is because the MacBook Pro is a laptop, and is away from the house for long periods of time. My family would still need the access to these files. But, I work mainly on the MacBook Pro. Is there a way to have DevonThink Office Pro installed on both the iMac and MacBook Pro using the same database?




Yes. Before moving, close the database in DT, remove it from favorites, move the database, then use File > Open Database, and then add back to Favorites (if desired). This will get the database location set correctly.

Yes, but not open on two machines at the same time. (Except the server.)

There are many threads and suggestions on all these topics on the forum. If you search for, and read, the prior dialog and answers here you’ll likely find all you need. Also, Joe Kissell’s book is useful for getting started.