From Yep! to Devon Think

I love Yep!, but think that DevonTHINK Pro Office is the way to go for my future needs. However, I want to make sure I keep my “groupings” in Yep. They aren’t stored in separate folders, but as tags somewhere. Is there a way to import my PDF files from Yep! so that it stores them in the same folder structure?

-Russell Stuever

It’s probably not possible right now but it might be as soon as DEVONthink and Yep will support OpenMeta.

I don’t want to read too much into your response but it appears you are saying Devonthink will be supporting OpenMeta. Care to comment? :smiley:

Whatever your development stance is I officially invite you to join our new Google Group for developers to engage in discussion about OpenMeta (Michael Tsai, and Jon Gotow are two names you might recognize in the group).

The Ironic Software Team

Probably :wink:

Thanks for the invitation, I’ve been following some of the discussions on your website lately.

What with all this discussion here about extended attributes, is anyone looking at the issues with backing up this kind of metadata? Although things seem to be getting better, many tools are pretty bad at preserving them:

Best, Charles

DEVONthink will use extended attributes only as a secondary storage, the primary one is the database.

I figured the DEVONtech folks would do something “responsible” with tagging. My comment was really aimed at some of the other apps, and their users, who will “create an alternate file system” based on this approach.

I don’t fault developers for pursuing the xattr strategy, but it does leave open the door for average users to really screw themselves up. (At least until every Macintosh backup solution supports xattr.)

Losing all your tags in an HD crash would be like having your backup app put all 10,000 of your data files in a single folder. Better than nothing, but maybe not…

Best, Charles

I’ve got Yep and Leap which soon will be supporting OpenMeta.

I’ve got Tags from Gravity for my tagging front end for existing files and I’ve got Default Folder X with OpenMeta for tagging while saving files.

I’m hoping for Indev (MailTags) and Noodlesoft (Hazel) to join the party. It looks like DTPO will be my one and only data repository for everything. I’ll probably leave PDF to Yep since I like specialized apps for PDF.

Having DTPO support OpenMeta just makes the tagging I do more powerful. I’m willing to deal with the issues to show Apple that there is demand for this feature and they should either embrace OpenMeta (doubtful) or roll their own with all the adequate protections and other features.

The thing is if I’ve got the right tools for tagging at multiple levels then my data management needs become a lot easier and more powerful.

Things are definitely moving in the right direction with this platform.

I’ve recently come across Leap/Fresh and I’m wondering how people integrate DT and Leap in their workflow. I fell that for some kinds of file and usage a simple set of tag would be more efficient than a record in DT: obviously not for research/notes but for filing purposes (all my recepits, payments and other archive materials). On the other hand I see DT AI capabilities, autogroup etc. which makes easier to group files (when I got the second recepit from my bank DT knows where to put it).
Well to get to the point: how do you use DT and how do you use Leap and Tags?

Documents within DEVONthink cannot be seen by Leap or Yep. Because they are hidden from Spotlight. So you’d have to use indexed files, and then if you move files via Finder or Leap/Yep they’ll get lost within DEVONthink and you’ll have to do some work to reconnect them.

Also, I don’t know that DEVONthink or Yep have OpenMeta support yet, only Leap does. Truth be told, using the two of these together at the moment is a bit of a chore. I’d tried to move some more stuff from DEVONthink to Leap because I like the Leap UI a lot and had some really big PDFs, but after a little tinkering Leap/Spotlight’s search wasn’t very good and I had a tough time finding documents I knew were there, so I went back and just use DEVONthink for the most part.

Frankly I find tagging a huge pain & far less workable than advertised. I have Leap 2.0 (the upgrade was pretty cheap), I’ve got Yep, I’ve tried Gravity’s Tags and HoudahSpot (tag search built in), etc.

With all of this talk about how great tags are, a simple folder system still works SO MUCH BETTER FOR ME that it makes the hype seem ridiculous. Leap for example still has such an inferior interface (at least from my POV) that I am discouraged from really using it.

Maybe someday someone will make a really cool tagging system, but for now, I see tags as an adjunct to other systems - not as a replacement. E.g. tags in DevonThink will be nice, but won’t be DT’s major source of value.

Actually my impressions were exactly the same. I was just curiosus if I was missing something as I read some post in which people said they were using Leap and DT in parallel.
My 2 cents: For everything concerning research and ‘active’ note-taking DT is the best solution (even more when it will have tags: as a multi-language user I need a way to tag my notes). The only “+” I see in tagging is when working with certain kind of archived material fir which I don’t need the AI capabilities of DT but I need something more than spotlight search.

It’s disappointing how barely any (if any) of the better UI improvements suggested/discussed for Leap 1 were implemented in Leap 2. Ironic Software claims they’re interested in customer feedback but it hasn’t been reflected enough for me in their product development.

Contrast that with DEVONtechnologies, where nearly every DTPro update has at least one change related to something I’ve directly suggested/reported or that somehow matters to me. I’ve always had a sense of feeling involved, to whatever degree, in that product’s development which is something I really appreciate.

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