Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M?

A quick q which I hope I’m putting in the right section. I need a scanner for school, going to mostly use it with DT. Right now the best and most compatible scanner which gives me the least problems is still the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M? Is that the one I want?

One more, does it work with Lion?


I love, love, love my Scansnap S1500M. It works great in Lion.

I have only noticed ONE problem with it. In Snow Leopard, I had two profiles set up: one to scan normally to DTPO (the way DTPO sets it up), and one duplicate of it set to do 1 page per file. Since upgrading to Lion, the second profile does not reliably work. If I read the release notes correctly, it’s the case of two profiles going to the same app which is a known bug. So now I scan all in one file (or just feed the items separately) and split with Acrobat (or DTPO).

So, YES, the S1500M is great and works with DTPO and Lion.

I second ScanSnap S1500… it works great for me, is reasonably fast and accurate. A bigger paper feed is the only thing I sometimes wish for.

Thanks much for the input, purchased, arrived today. Awesome scanner! I’m very happy with the speed and OCR abilities, but am left with 2 noob questions:

The scanner works perfectly, but only when I’m running the ScanSnap Manager. When SS Manager is running, it scans direct to DT with absolutely no problems. When the SS Manager is not running, it does absolutely nothing at all. Is there something dumb I’m doing or forgot? I installed the drivers and software (including CardIris which does nothing except give a msg saying it has the wrong CPU type). Iv’e also installed the Lion updater from Fujitsu’s website. Everything works just as it says it will, except it doesn’t scan when I push the button, unless I launch SS Manager beforehand. Is this something I must always do in order to use the scanner or did I forget to click some setting?

Second question would be, from a pro’s point of view, what’s the best setting for OCR in DT? I’ve tried 150dpi and 100% which is the default, but it gave some very poor scans where the paper has more detailed images. I’ve had much better results with checking “Same as Scan” which gives a larger filesize, but much better quality. Any suggestions for fine tuning?

Thanks very much!

ScanSnap Manager has to be running in order to scan. Just leave it in the dock, let it launch at startup, and forget about it. Over here it’s been running for years, never crashes, and has tiny memory demands.

Over here I set DTPO quality to “Same as Scan”, and set ScanSnap Manager to “Auto”. ScanSnap is pretty good at auto detection. Search the forum for “scan quality” and related - it’s been discussed frequently here.

In ‘Take Control of your Paperless Office’ (p.57), Joe Kissell recommends 300dpi.

A DT devotee, Kissell also uses a ScanSnap.