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So I need a scanner for my business. I use DT Server as my document management system for my firm. I’ve been looking at the ScanSnap ix1500 and ix1600. I would very much value any input about which one to get or if I should be looking at a different product all-together.

Thanks for any help!

See e.g. my reply here:

I use my ix1600 extensively with DEVONthink. I scan directly into the DT inbox, where DT does the OCR and creates PDFs. Using ScanSnap Home, you can set up profiles to either scan multiple sheets (simplex or duplex) into one DT document, or into multiple DT documents, one per sheet. The latter is perfect for scanning in a pile of receipts at one time. I prefer the ix1600 over the 1500 because you can use the touchscreen on the scanner to choose between various profiles. I have four profiles that I use with DT - scan simplex into one document, scan duplex into one document, scan simplex into multiple documents, and scan duplex into multiple documents. I use the screen to choose the proper profile before I hit the scan button.

Thanks @amalis
I decided to go ahead and get the ix1600. It looks like it will do an excellent job for what I need. I can see how having the profiles setup could be useful for the type of documents I deal with.
I will have it scan into the DT Inbox as well. I’m still working on automating what happens to the PDFs once they end up in the Inbox. My plan is to have DT name the documents and then file them into the proper database->group.
Thanks again!

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I’ve not had great luck with the all-in-ones, though I’m sure there are good models. I have a giant business laser printer/copier from Brother that I basically despise. My little firm has gone almost completely paperless but there are still times when I need to print/copy, primarily to provide paper to clients, opposing counsel, the court, etc. For scanning though, I sometimes get hundreds (or thousands) of pages of documents. The laser printer has been horrible at scanning voluminous documents — paper jams, pulling multiple sheets, etc.
I’m hopeful that having a powerful dedicated scanner will solve my problems and make for a more efficient paperless system.
Thanks for the insight.

Let us know how you get on! With my ancient Brother machine I do more scanning than printing, but it sounds like you are in a different league altogether. To me it makes sense that a dedicated scanner should perform better than the scanner built into an all-in-one machine that costs the same. Although I suppose the fact that they are not going to be selling you ink or toner has an influence on the price…

Glad to help! Enjoy your ix1600.