Full Screen Crash Problem CMD+F7 with DevonThink 3?

Hey DevonThink 3 users out there.
Does someone seen the same Problem ich face with the toggle from standard View (CMD+6) to Fullscreen View (CMD+F7) and back inside DevonThink 3 itself ?
It roughly crashes my DeovnThink App.
Seems i´m the only User reporting that problem.


Welcome @Chris2
What operating system are you running?

The Version is 10.14.6 .

Is it actually crashing the app?
If so, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Thanks for reply. I already send your Developers the crashlogs and the Webkit Files over for that the crashes happens. But seems no other had the same issue i have on my mac with your App. So they cannot help me there.
The next is i wanna ask some other People does have the same Problem.

The Problem still exist, but seems only on bigger Webarchive Files. The smaller ones gets sometimes hardly resized, and much bigger ones crashes on the resizing procedure.

Web archives from what URL will cause the crash?

different url´s, i send the cash logs and the webarchives already to the developers, but i think not much people use full screen from one file on they´r mac´s. i have a smaller screen and an older device. sometimes the file opens once, and on the second fullscreen view to normal size, devonthnk has again an empty window. if i close it with the red dot, the app crashes complete. (i also created a video from that behaviour and send that over)
just another info from catalina