Full screen function F8

This is a description of the problem:

  • clicked on a document in DTP - to create a separate window
  • pushed F8 button
  • Full screen and the document showed up at the beginning
  • I pressed arrow-down(or end of file)
  • I clicked on a row like wanting to write something
  • then I moved the scroll wheel of the mouse (Mighty Mouse) - regardless if I move the wheel up or down the program jumps to the start of the file. It does NOT react if i scroll sideways.

Actually as I like the full screen feature a lot it is rather frustrating that it does not work.

What kind of document did you open? A plain or rich text? Did you modify the default behaviour of the mighty mouse?

in answer to your questions:
a) rich text
b) the mouse settings: the scroll wheel when pushed is exposé. Acceleration, scroll and interval was somewhat shifted. The option to zoom with the scrollwheel when Ctrl is pushed.

after some time I can now detail the problem in this way:

When I open a document and press F8 and press “end of page” and then use the scroll wheel, then the cursor pops up to the beginning of the document.


When I open a document and press “end of page” and press F8 and then use the scroll wheel, then the cursor stays at the end of the page and works properly.

Maybe this may help you out to find the bug.


Thank you for the additional details! I was able to reproduce the problem but I’m not yet sure what’s causing it as scrolling is usually completely handled by Mac OS X.

Well, I am not a technician so I don’t know. When I thought of your reply it came to me that it might not be the scrolling function that is the problem. That works obviously. It seems as if the scroller might have the wrong address where it shall start to scroll. The scroller gets the right address if I click at the end of the document. But if I press F8, start the “black page” and then perform a page down, the scroller obviously is not “updated” to receive an address from the end of the document, even if I click in the black window and the text there.

Can it be that the address to the scroller does not reach the scrolling function when in “black window mode”?

Yeah, it has to be something like that.

Well, interesting to get your confirmation, that it might be feasible. I just, as a non-technician, tried to “become the software program” for a second…