Full Screen in DTP 1.3 beta

As someone who is test-driving DT Pro 1.3 beta (and mostly enjoying the experience after a year of headaches with SOHO Notes) can anyone tell me if the lack of cursor and scroll bars in full screen mode is deliberate minimalism or a bug :confused:

There is a cursor, which may be more or less visible depending on your choice of colors.

Most people who use the full-screen view want minimalism.

Note that one can scroll within a document in full-screen mode using the trackpad or the Mighty Mouse scroll wheel. And the Home, End, Page Up and Page Down controls work.

I’ve now been told by Christian Grunenberg in the DEVON technology and application development department that the full screen cursor will be included with the final release of DEVONthink Pro 1.3. That’s what I call support! Well done guys. Awesome. :smiley: