Full screen margins

Short version: DEVONthink needs top and bottom margin space in full screen mode.

Long version: I didn’t know how much this bugged me until I tried out WriteRoom and it felt so nice. The top margin isn’t so important, but the bottom is critical. On my Powerbook, once the text fills the screen, I am typing along the bottom row only, and my fingers obstruct my view. I am, essentially, typing blind. Which makes the full screen view, for me, only usable for less than one screenfull of text.

Give me some ten or twenty pixels at the bottom where no text can appear (in full screen mode) and this feature would go from being only semi-useful to my full-on-favorite way to write.

Unless, someone already has a workaround?

Thank you for the suggestion, v1.2.1 will probably implement this.

Have you seen the fullscreen mode in the recent Scrivener beta?

Not that Devon needs an elaborate fullscreen mode – at least for me, I rarely use it – but Scrivener looks like the app to beat in that area.

I just like the orange on black full screen mode in Scrivener. It would be nice (although I have no idea how difficult) if DT had some preferences for this in full screen mode.

But you are correct, it is not as if DT needs an elaborate full screen mode.