Full Screen Mode: just a tiny effort to make it useable

During my writing and note taking process, I do need a Dark mode. The Presentation > Full Screen > Document mode does that. But, unfortunately, by sticking the document text to the left, it twists your neck.

Could the DTP team implement just a few changes to make it operational:

  • Center the document at one fourth our customizable distance of the left of the screen.
  • Allow to zoom in and out of that window (make letters bigger or smaller).

That’s all! Would be just great if it could be done for next version.

These items are already in place…

Thanks Bluefrog!

I had problem finding the RIGHT Fullscreen mode, so I put the icon in the menu bar. The shorcut for that doesn’t work for me (what does the ^sign suppose to stand for? it doesn’t work with or without that keystroke).

It’s the Control key.

OK. The shortcut still doesn’t work. But it doesn’t mind, because I put the proper icon in the document toolbar.

I have seen another bug,though:

I use the styles (Heading) in my RTF texts. WHen I change a title to Heading one or Heading two, it appears as a blank (white in my case) overlined space. It is thus impossible to read the headings in fullscreen mode.

Also, a small tweak would be to retain the customized toolbar in fullscreen mode. Currently my toolbar icons don’t appear, only the basic formatting.

I don’t believe styles named “Heading One” or “Heading Two” are standard styles in OS X – which could mean that some document or editor you used along the way added them to your style list. (OS X calls that list your styles “Favorites”).

Not to worry - you can create your own styles and save them to Style’s “Favorites”, or delete a bad style from “Favorites”. Personally, I find TextEdit to be the best app for modifying styles since Apple provided some better tools for the ruler for its own app than it makes available to other apps. Any changes you make to Style’s “Favorites” in TextEdit are immediately available on the Styles menu in DEVONthink.

As for the detailed method – rather than repeat it all here, I suggest looking at one of the numerous videos and tutorials on the web with the topic “change TextEdit styles”. It’s not a difficult process.

Thanks Korm. The styles I use were those adopted by the Script in the Format folder. I have succeeded in adding those styles to the Styles menu in the DTP toolbar. It seems it also added it to TextEdit, which is fine.

Nice tip, now I don’t have to use the Script menu for that. I can go directly in my Styles menu.

The Full Screen Window shortcut is exactly the same for using any Mac program full screen (try it on Safari – cmd-ctl-F) - I imagine DTP is merely using the standard OS full screen mode for this. All it does is expand the current window into the space occupied by the menu bar. It will never change to a different background / font colour and it isn’t intended to.

The Full Screen Document shortcut (cmd-F7) — the one where you can get a black screen — requires you to be using standard function keys (not the special Brightness / Dashboard / Media / Volume key layout). If you’ve got the latter enabled, then cmd-F7 won’t work, because you’re actually pressing cmd-Previous Track.

Either toggle the function keys on (in “System Preferences > Keyboard > User all F1, F2 etc keys as standard function keys”) or keep them as the special keys but press the Fn key at the same time. i.e. if you’ve got the special layout enabled, then you need to press cmd + Fn + F7 to get document full screen.


It works, with Fn + CMD + F7

Thank you!

I was wondering too, how to get into that Matrix Fullscreen :mrgreen:

Thank you.

Glad it helped!