Full screen mode (rich text files) - scrollbar

Just want to request that when looking at rich text files in full screen mode, it would be useful if a scrollbar was still displayed at the side (as in PDF fullscreen). Navigation through large files would be a lot quicker and easier.

If this will be implemented, my hope is that the scrollbar is only shown when you hover it with the mouse. I really can’t understand the reason of going to full screen mode, and then not removing any distraction out of text. Scrivener is a great implementation of the concept; unfortuately, the otherwise excellent Nisus Writer and Mellel are not.


Here’s another example in which users have different opinions. Many proponents of the Full Screen view don’t wish to see anything but the document content. :slight_smile:

The Home (FNn-Left Arrow), End (Fn-Right Arrow), Page Down (Fn-Down Arrow) and Page Up (Fn-Up Arrow) commands work in Full Screen.

As do mouse scroll gestures or scroll balls.