Full Screen Mode

Apologies if this has been mentioned. First of all, I’m very happy to have some preferences for full screen mode. But I can’t seem to change the size of the Full Screen font.
Also I would like to say that I think the upgrade price is very fair.

The Full Screen font is set in the Preferences>Editing tab. You can also change the background/font color as well as the width of the text on the page.

Hi Greg, thanks but I wasn’t clear enough. Whatever size I choose in preferences, it is still the same small font showing up when I go to full screen. If you can make this change, I guess it is a problem with my installation.


Sounds like you are editing a rich text file in full-screen mode. Rich text documents will always display the fonts that the document is formatted with, full screen or normal screen. Plain text files will display in full-screen with the font set for full screen mode in DT’s preferences.

Rick, try this: In Full Screen mode, if the text is too small, hold down Control-Command while clicking the Up Arrow key to magnify the view. Likewise, hold Control-Command and click Down Arrow to reduce view magnification.

Thank you Greg and Bill.
I now understand that what I liked in MacJournal (my demo expired so I can’t go back and check) was not an actual font change when going to full screen but a zoom effect. I hope this is something that the developers will consider adding in the future…and that is the ability to set the zoom for full screen only.

Thanks again,


Understand your point.

As I use Times 12 as my default font/size for writing rich text in my databases, I use Control-Command-Up Arrow/Down Arrow to magnify the text for comfortable reading, whether in normal or fullscreen view.

Those keyboard shortcuts work for adjusting apparent font size (but do not actually change the size setting).

They work for all the old “recognized” file types – plain and rich text, PDF, images, HTML and WebArchive – but don’t (currently, but here’s hoping) work for Quick Look-rendered documents.

A few people (including me) have asked for this before. My (limited) understanding is that it’s possible and doable, but there are bigger fish to fry at this point in time.

What Bill described is exactly what this is…a zoom, not a change.

It works just dandy!

Yes, I understand now. And while it is not that big of a deal to use the keyboard commands to increase the zoom when in full screen, and decrease it when you go back to the regular window, it would be nice if it would automatically zoom in and out.


Right. That’s what I meant in my earlier post – a user-specified default zoom for full screen only.

Oh, I’m happy about the ctrl+cmd+arrows. :slight_smile: Was a bit disappointed with the lack of zoom on Rich Text Format in Full Screen Mode.

I’d prefer that on the preferences we could set the zoom % on the RTF full screen, but this is better than nothing.