Full Screen — no menu bar in browser

When I go into full screen mode in DA’s browser (M1 MBA running Big Sur), the menu bar for both the browser and the app itself goes into a permanent hidden mode. If I hit cmd-l to type in a URL, the browser menu pops up (not the app’s menu bar), but that’s the only way I’ve found to access it and have a way to toggle the full-screen icon.

Also, the only way I can get into full screen mode is to use the icon on the browser menu (not DA menu). The round green icon on the DA menu bar, which is the button that controls full screen mode for every other program, just increases the size of the window in very small increments.

Did I unknowingly set some sort of setting? Or is this a bug?

I confirm the behavior here.
Development will have to look into this.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.

DEVONagent’s full screen mode is older than the one of macOS and does not support the menu. A future release will most likely revise this.