Full Screen view changes text color

I was just looking at plain text document in three-pane view (black text on white background). I jumped into full-screen view (bright green text on black background). I switched back, and the document was bright green text on a white background. Is this a known issue? Is there a way to avoid it? That would not be my preferred color scheme.

That’s a Leopard-only issue which will be fixed by the next release.

I’m having the same problem. I have downloaded the DT’s Leopard version, but the issue persists. It seems that the settings for Regular and Full Screen fonts are shared. Perhaps I should remove DT’s configuration file?

I’ve just checked this again using v1.3.4 (not the public beta!), no problems. Do you modify anything in fullscreen mode? Do you use automatic Wiki links?

I go to “Preferences” and I choose one color for Plain Text and another color for Full Screen text. The color for Full Screen text works fine, but no matter how many times I change the Plain Text color, it never sticks. It goes back to a light green.

The preferences define the background and foreground text color for full screen viewing but there’s no preference for plain text color.

To set the color for all plain texts, just display a plain text and set the color via the Colors panel.

Thank you for the prompt reply. I just did that, and the color changes, but when I go back to the Text document, the font has gone back to the green color.

You might check if deleting the preferences will make any difference. In addition, has been anything logged to the system console related to DT?

Deleting the preferences did the trick. Thank you!