Fullscreen mode of document windows

I’m sure this was possible some weeks ago, but now I seem not be able to make any window fullscreen, other than the main database window. For example, I have a PDF and a text-file, both opened in separate DT-Windows (no external apps). I seem not be able to enter (the OS-wide) fullscreen mode with either of those windows.

Is this intentional or a bug? Is it something I can control?

Thanks a lot!

I forgot: I’m using DT Pro Office 2.8.7 and OS X 10.11.1.

P.S.: I’ve just taken a look into the Release Notes and I found the entry: “Fixed fullscreen document window handling.” What was wrong with it before?

Not much help to you but here Full Screen works fine except when the document is an RTF, it does go full screen but turns to green on black!

Then you are using the Fullscreen mode of DEVONthink (cmd-F7), not the system-wide fullscreen mode that was introduced with OS X Lion. I activate it by pressing the green button on the upper left corner of the window.

You can change the design of RTF-Fullscreen in the preferences.

The old behavior that you are asking about. It was a bug that when the database window was fullscreen and a document was opened in that window, it would only open to fullscreen. The intended (current) behavior for document windows opened in the database window is that they are resizable and can be moved/positioned on the screen, or run full screen with View>Fullscreen>Window (Command-F7).

Thanks for your reply, but it’s that’s the regular and expected behavior of the OS X’s Fullscreen feature. Every new window opened when in Fullscreen mode, is opened in Fullscreen mode. It makes sense and even more so than the current behavior. When would I want a small document window in front of my fullscreen DT window? Now I always have to move the window to another desktop. If you don’t want you windows in fullscreen mode, don’t put your DT main window into fullscreen.

The old behavior wasn’t a bug, it worked as intended considering the OS X Fullscreen Mode and I want it back. Now I cannot even put my PDF and a txt-file in fullscreen mode right next to each other, which is a really nice new feature in El Capitan. I was so excited when it came out and now I can’t even use it with DT.

To clarify: I don’t really care if the new document window is opened in fullscreen mode or not, but I want to be able to put it into fullscreen after it opened, so that I can have two separate document windows in fullscreen mode in the same space right next to each other (which is a new feature of El Capitan). This seems not to be possible right now, but was possible before v2.8.7.

The fullscreen behavior that is present in 2.8.7 is the way that DEVONthink had always worked, on Yosemite and earlier. Something in El Capitan changed that, and version 2.8.7 reverts it back.

I honestly don’t remember if it was possible to open a document window in the OS X’s Fullscreen mode, but since El Capitan came along, it was possible.

Anyway, my question then turns into a Feature Request:

Please allow the document windows to be opened in OS X‘s Fullscreen mode! (I’ll post that in the correct board.)

Greg_Jones, thank you for your answers. I was quite confused and you helped with that.