Fundamental questions

I just discovered DT, have the trial installed, and thinking of purchasing. However, I have a few questions about how things fundamentally work.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the version I am using is DT Pro 1.2.1 trial.

Are files in DT nothing more than references to the real files? I am assuming this is how it works, otherwise it would be silly.

According to the documentation, synchronization is one way - from the files system to DT. So in theory if i up date a file in by normal means and then sync it, the new version should show up in DT. Does this apply to imported information from the Address book? I tried it and it did not seem to work. I also tried to sync bookmarks from Delicious and that did not work either. What is the best way to make sure they are up to date? Re-import? Not very elegant if you ask me.

Another question related to Syncing. I am a web designer and I plan to use this software to keep all my projects organized. Obviously I would not to do much coding within DT because it is not intended for that, but it would be nice to be able small changes to HTML or CSS occasionally. My understanding of the syncing feature is that I will not be able to do this. Furthermore, what if i want to make changes to any document such as an import text document or PDF?

In the Extras folder of the dmg, there are some scripts. Is there an explanation of these anywhere and how do I install them?

I tried to Download a website using the Import > Site menu option. I added a Url and hit the ‘play’ button. The entry just disappears and nothing is downloaded. Is this disabled in the trial version or something?

In general I think it is a great product. You should definitely make your FAQ section more comprehensive and more tutorials would be nice.

DT by default imports all files, which means that it copies the actual file to a location inside the database package (like e.g. Pages and Keynote do this for images as well). This copy of the file is referenced by the database. You can also index a file, which means that it is only referenced in its original location but not copied to the database.

No, because Address Book information is not referenced, but actually extracted from the Address Book database and stored to a sheet inside of the DEVONthink Pro database.

DEVONthink Pro is not a file manager, but a real free-form database and document manager. So, sync’ing with other well-organized data stores such as the bookmarks was never intended.

No, that’s not possible. We will enable editing indexed files (files that reside in their original location in the file system but are visible from inside DEVONthink Pro) in a future version.

In the current versions of DEVONthink Pro, there is an important difference between text/RTF/HTML files and all other file types. The first group is stored inside the database structure and not as real files inside the database package. That means, you cannot edit them externally. PDF files you can edit externally, e.g., using Acrobat.

Yes, in the online help, chapter Scripts.

Web site importing is a complex issue due to the manyfold ways web sites are structured. Have you set the import options for the Download Manager correctly (via the Action menu)? Please have a look at the online help, chapter Windows, section Download Manager.