Future plans for DT integration with "unknown" fil

Hello all,

Perhaps this kind of question was posted before. But I wonder if there are new scripts from DT to help with the integration with “unknown-type” files… Or, will this be covered in DT 2.0 (perhaps in connection with the new Finder capabilities in Leopard)?

In particular, here I explain a couple of scenarios which I experience very often, and for which I will welcome new workarounds or scripts that may help reduce the burden… A bit of background: I have a Windows PC at my office, where most of the stuff is within MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), but I carry an iBook G4 (old but in good shape), where software like DTP, Papers, and TexShop do the other part of my work (PhD in Astronomy). A third set of applications would fall within the imaging & data analysis, but they are out of DT scope, and usually I convert any useful output from there to other formats that Excel/Word/Acrobat can read…

  1. I have many Excel files that I would like to be linked to DT in order to exploit its searching/AI tools. These files tend to be multi-tabbed and with formulas calling for values in other spreadsheets. Also, many of these tend to change frequently. Mainly due to the last issue, converting to CVS every time I make a change, or creating to PDF is overkilling and even daunting!. In most of the times I opted to create a PDF of the latest spreadsheet version (I prefer to be able to see the same layout of the spreadsheet, which with CSV is not possible), and link it to DTP.

  2. Many of my notes made in Word contain hyperlinks or equations, which are awkwardly displayed in RTF when I link these files to DTP. My workaround has been as well creating a PDF of those documents, but again, they tend to change very often and I have to repeat the process everytime. I also regret that the hyperlinks are lost (I believe taking advantage of these hyperlinks could enhance the current wiki links and “context/See Also” searching capabilities in DT).

Will be a preview mode for those applications in DT 2.0? I mean, the ability to see them from DT while using its searching & AI capabilities, without triangulating through manual PDF creation.

Or could be extended the scripting extensions to speed up the “make PDF and link to DT” procedure for this kind of scenarios?



No news right now but we’ll try to improve this in future releases.