Game changer

I’ve been around the DT environment for nearly 10 years now, and I’m pretty much ready to conclude that the 2.0 DTTG update feels about as revolutionary as my first foray with DTPO all those years ago. I’m still exploring, but let me mention one thing that got me particularly excited today.

Like many of you, quite a few of my databases are simply indexed files on my hard drive. As we know, this preserves existing folder structures on the drive, but lets us utilise DTPO’s excellent search and AI functionality.

Anyway, using a small test database containing a few indexed files, I synced to DTTG on my iPad. I then proceeded to do some highlighting (premium feature FTW) of one of those files (.pdfs) on the iPad. I synced again (and another vote for background sync, by the way). As expected, the highlights were preserved across the sync and appeared in DTPO on my laptop. To my great surprise, however the same highlights persisted even when opening the original .pdf in Finder with Preview. Ubiquity can be a wonderful thing.

I’m pleased I stuck through all these years, although I still hope Eric and crew increase the font size of the search results in DTPO (as I requested, nay pleaded, first in October 2007: [url]Font size - search results window]).

Thanks folks!


Thanks for the kind words. My motto here now is: We are very tired… and very proud. And it’s interesting, “gamechanger” is exactly the term Eric and I had discussed as we talked. It is why this is NOT an update. It is version 1.0 of an application that bears the same name as our original app.

Noted but also note, Sync runs on its own interval. Don’t needlessly manually Sync if you don’t need to. In the normal course of working, no one has time to sit and watch things Sync. Just work and let Sync do its thing and you’ll continue to be pleasantly surprised when you go to another device and find the changes are already there. (Trust me. I had to break the habit too, when I was first testing early builds.)

Manually Sync when you really need it now. :smiley: