GDocs Search?

Hello everyone,

I am currently evaluating DEVONthink as an aid to writing dissertation/law review articles and as a place to collect legal documents when working for firms or chambers.

I have a lot of prior organization setups and information in a wide variety of places. I’m trying to centralize this information in a single database. One problem I’m finding is that DEVONThink doesn’t seem to support search within GSheets or GDoc files (on my harddrive as Google Drive files). How do people work around this in a way that doesn’t create multiple versions in different places to keep track of? I’m afraid that if I can’t get Devonthink to be a universal search for the text files I’ve worked with, it’s not worth the trouble and I might as well go forward muddling through the various different places to dig for files I’m looking for, so I’m hoping there is a practical workaround or extension. Thanks!


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