Generate Dynamic Tags


wondering if it is possible to generate dynamic tags like we can do in hazel? For example I need a dynamic tag build from a keyword and created date fo pdf.


Yes, and in more than one way. Take a look at the documentation section on smart rules.

Just wondering but what’s the purpose of a tag for the creation date? In the long run there will be lots of tags.

Just a workaround. I want to rename PDF-File and need the invoice date. In this case it’s the same like the created date.

A screenshot of your current Hazel rule might be useful.

Oh, right. I‘ll post it later. Thanks

Looked Section and the appendix but unfortunately couldn’t find any advice how creating a dynamic tag.

Perhaps this could work

And for changing the name of the file, you could try creating a smart-rule.

But if you post a screen cap, I am sure @cgrunenberg could give you more precise advice.

Here how I solve it with hazel

I create a dynamic tag from word “Steuer” and the date created. How can I do this in DT?

There is no dynamic tag option in smart rule dialog in DT.

This would require an embedded script right now. But I still wonder what’s the advantage of adding a tag for the creation date. It’s already possible to search for dates (see advanced toolbar search) or to filter them (see Tools > Filter > Info).

Thanks. I have many sources for invoices. In this case i couldn’t get the invoice date out of the documents so i take created date. But in other cases i could. In DT i have smart group for tag „Steuer_(year)“ e.g. „Steuer_2019“.

The next release will support this:

That’s very cool. Thanks.