Generating Structured Results


I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to have a tree view of my data, and then Prune the Tree.

I’m storing my songs in album groups and then tag information on the song files with tags like, artist name, genre, hasBridgeSection, guitarSolo, acousticGuitar, etc.

I would now like a tree view of this data, using Groups or Smart Groups, with the following structure.

–Jimi Hendrix
-----All Along the WatchTower
------Purple Haze
–Neil Finn
------Weather With You

Then I would like to be able to prune this tree based on the tags in the songs. For example, only show songs that have guitar solos.

Artists (Pruned by songs having guitar solos)
–Jimi Hendrix
-----All Along the WatchTower
-----Purple Haze

Thus the artist Neil Finn doesn’t show up, because he has no songs tagged in my library with a guitar solo.

Artists (Pruned by songs having guitar solos and acoustic guitar)
–Jimi Hendrix
-----All Along the WatchTower

Now Purple Haze doesn’t show up…

I realize this is easy to do if I just want to end up with a big list of the songs that fit the tag criteria, but I really want to see the data in this structured view. It is similar in functionality to the Album by Artist View in iTunes.

Additionally I would like each Artist to have their Group or SmartGroup Icon set to their Image.

Is there any way to do such a thing?