Get Beta Running Again?

As of this am the Beta DT Pro Office will not open my databases and is stuck on the register screen. My code for DT Pro obviously won’t work.

How do I get the beta version running again so I can continue testing?

Are there any error messages (e.g. check with the Console app) or other failure symptoms?

Do you mean the registration dialog is open when you launch the DTPO beta?

Maybe try reinstalling the app?

My normal mode was to double click my database file which opened DT Pro Office

There are no messages on console.

System stuck with this window up.

Picture 4.png

If I I press cancel DT starts but I cannot open my database nor is it open like it normally was.

Edited to add, just tried to re-install the app and the behavior is the same.

Does the dialog appear when launching DTPO directly, i.e. not by double-clicking a db file?

Which beta version are you running?

Maybe deleting ~/Library/Preferences/com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2.registration.plist will help.

Yes appears no matter how I start DT Pro Office
2.0.6 build 5 according to the info but it was the second such version I got
Yes it happens even after I deleted the .plist file.

Latest info seems to indicate that the betas are time limited and since the real one is supposed to be out tomorrow I have to just wait. It does mean that I have no access to any of my data until this is fixed.

I must say I am not exactly happy about that. I am willing to deal with potential crashes and data loss because it’s beta SW (I can always go back via time machine to get a clean copy) but I am less thrilled about crippling your beta users ability to continue testing stuff with a data or time limit. At a minimum it should continue working until a day or 2 after the real one is out so you can do side by side comparisons.

You don’t mention where you got it, but DTPO 2.0.6build5 that’s available to official beta testers definitely hasn’t expired.

Maybe temporarily revert to 2.0.5 if you can’t find any solution to the problem with your beta.

From DT Directly as I’m one of the folks with no sync group.

I can’t revert to 2.0.5 due to no sync group as above. It’s totally not working for me.

I expect that that there would be no problem reverting to 2.0.5. The sync group should not disappear if you roll back to a previous version of the app.

2.0.6 beta expiration is now irrelevant:

DEVONthink releases version 2.0.6 desktop products