Get info - Paste

If I wish to past an image on a file I just do GET INFO and past is on the top left corner, thats fine, BUT can I paste the same image to multiple file, when I select the files and do GET INFO there is no place on the top left corner to paste the image so my question :IF i want to paste the same image on multiple files do I have to do it manually for each file or is there another way?


You cannot paste an icon into the icon space in Get Info for more than one document at a time. However, if you open Get Info for a single document, paste the new icon, then leave open the Get Info window and select the next document the Get Info window is now focused on the next document, the icon you are pasting is still on the clipboard, and you can select that document’s icon space and paste the new icon. Continue.

I agree with your thinking though – it would be nice to be able to change the icon for all selected documents in one action.